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The Alabama Certified Worker Certificate can be used as:

  • a pre-requisite for entry-level employees
  • as professional development for existing employees
  • a tool for internal career advancement or promotion

Training is provided at no cost to the participant, but requires an investment of time, and willingness to learning new skills. Individuals who successfully complete the Ready to Work program are more prepared to become productive employees. Participants receive training in soft skills that will improve employee retention, time management, problem solving skills, critical thinking techniques, and much more.

Ready to Work participants are required to demonstrate positive work ethic through-out their progression through the program. Participants are monitored on: Attendance, Punctuality, Attitude, Motivation, Organization, and overall workplace ethics.

Graduates of the RTW program have successfully advanced through rigorous training and experiential learning activities to prepare them to excel in the workforce. These participants will show dedication, initiative, and are Ready to Work for YOU!