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The Ready to Work program is managed by the Alabama Community College System Office (ACCS) in partnership with AIDT.


Administrative tasks are completed by both entities.

The Ready to Work curriculum is delivered through programs located at Alabama community colleges. AIDT is the proprietor of all RTW curriculum, and provides access to the curriculum at no cost to any Alabama community college.

ACCS provides regulatory guidelines and funding for all Ready to Work programs operated through Alabama community colleges. Funding is awarded through a Ready to Work Grant, which colleges must reapply for annually. Awards are based on the college’s program performance from the previous program year, and a demonstrated ability to ensure effective program operations and services. Performance is determined by the number of participants who enter employment or enter college after successful completion of the RTW program.

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AIDT manages the curriculum provided in the Ready to Work program. The RTW curriculum is designed to prepare participants for entry level employment. The curriculum focuses on skills identified by business and industry. AIDT also provides RTW staff training, access, and technical support for the E-SESS: Electronic Assessment System that is used to track participant data. Upon successful completion of the Ready to Work program, participants receive the Alabama Certified Worker Certificate, which is issued and signed by the AIDT Director and RTW Coordinator.