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Alabama Works was created, implemented and operated by AIDT in 2000. Alabama Works offered a 10-week “Fast Track” soft skills training program, a 32-week Manufacturing Technology program, and Information Technology Certifications.

In 2004, Alabama Works was renamed Focused Industry Training (FIT) by Governor Bob Riley, Bill Taylor, Mercedes-Benz USI CEO, and former Alabama Department Postsecondary Education Chancellor, Dr. Roy Johnson. AIDT continued to manage the FIT program, however, the Department of Postsecondary Education’s, Adult Education Division, delivered the 10-week program. All participants were required to be WIA certified.

FIT was renamed Ready to Work (RTW) in 2006. The Alabama Community College System Office (ACCS), formerly Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education, managed the RTW program in partnership with AIDT. The program provided soft skills training, as well as essential skills required in the manufacturing industry.

In 2017, the Ready to Work program was relaunched by AIDT. The new program features updated curriculum and industry specific training modules. Participants are now able to receive training in core soft skills and choose an optional industry concentration. The program continues to be managed by ACCS in partnership with AIDT.